The Way Old Friends Do

A new comedy called The Way Old Friends Do is about love, passion, and dancing queens.

1988 saw the tentative coming out of two school friends—one as gay and the other, more startlingly, as an ABBA devotee. They decide to start the first ABBA tribute band in the world, in drag, over thirty years after they originally met by coincidence. But can their friendship withstand the difficulties of a nomadic lifestyle that include platform boots, fake beards, and an alluring stranger?

This touching tale will appeal to everyone who knows what it’s like to be a fan—of ABBA or anyone—because it’s simultaneously compassionate and belly-laugh-inducingly amusing.

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Ian Hallard – WRITER
Directed by Mark Gatiss
Set & costume design by Janet Bird 
Lighting Design by Andrew Exeter
Sound Design by Ben Harrison

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